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Fiestas & Festivals


      The annual fluvial procession in honor of the Patron St. Michael Archangel held in time for the celebration of the town Fiesta every May 8 is one of the festivals celebrated by the people in Lobo.

            Another is the Anihan Festival, which is part of the festivities during the municipal Foundation day celebrated every month of September . This year, the Anihan Festival will be held on September 27. The Anihan Festival features  street dancing and the parade of carts and sleds bearing agricultural crops produced locally. Sublian, Juego de Anillo, Kundiman Fiesta and parade of muses participated in by different barangays and civic organizations are also some of the highlights of the festival. The Anihan Festival is first and foremost a thanksgiving celebration for the people’s bountiful harvest. It is likewise a tribute to the farmers whose efforts are a significant factor in the success of agricultural development in Lobo.