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Rice Production

Lobo is very affable for agricultural development in consideration of climatic condition, soil fertility and proximity to markets. There are 14,933.4782 hectares devoted to agriculture area.

High Value Crops

Lobo are planted with diversified or high value crops like vegetables, fruits and root crops. Among the High Value Crops that can be that can be potentially produced in the municipality are ampalaya, beans, okra, pechay, eggplants among others. For the fruits are mango, tamarind, atis, jackfruit (Langka), and the likes. Among these, Atis is the major producer in the municipality supplying almost three fourth of the annual local market demand of the municipality.

Livestock Production

Lobo is also procedure hogs. There are also other piggeries and poultry farms producing hogs and poultries that are supplied to local market demands. Backyard scale piggeries and poultries (native chicken, broiler and ducks) are also scattered in the municipality and are used for local consumption. Other livestock animals like cattles, goats and carabaos are commonly raised in upland areas. Carabaos are used as draft animals for farming, while goats and cattles are for meat production.

Tourism Industry

The Municipality of Lobo is gifted with beautiful attractions consisting of beaches resorts, waterfalls, natural springs, rock formations, and the panoramic view of Mountain Lobo ranges, colorful festivities, and lush sceneries, among others, which give life to the tourism industry of the municipality. One of the most interesting tourist attractions in Lobo are Historical and Natural attraction. The Historical is the Malabrigo Lighthouse and the Natural are Submarine Garden in Barangay Sawang, "Tulay na Busog in Barangay Nagtoctoc and Ulopong Falls in Barangay Sawang.

Service Providers


Lobo communication system providers like PLDT, Smart Telecommunications, Globe Telecoms and Digitel Communication Inc. (Sun Cellular) are the key players in providing services for landline telephones, cellular phones, internets and other form of telecommunications in the municipality.

Power Generation

Lobo also a power-generating municipality, National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR), Implementing Agency and Batangas 2 Electric Cooperative Inc., are sources of energy of municipality.

Water Supply

The major supplier of potable water in the municipality is Lobo Waters District. There have four (4) pumping Station, the PS 1 in Purok 1 Poblacion (deep well) – 10hp, the PS 2 in Pinagmoogan, Balatbat (deep well) 10hp, at Malabrigo (deep well) – 7.5hp and at Malapad na Parang (spring) – 7.5hp. The areas of service are Barangay Poblacion, Fabrica, Masaguitsit, Banalo, Balatbat, Tayuman, Malapad na Parang and Malabrigo.

Small Scale Industry

Lobo has small scale industry which is the Lobo Oil Mill (Perez and Sons Coconut Oil Mill). There are also numbers of copra warehouse in the are which contributes higher income in the municipality. Known leading cottage industries of Lobo are production of sweet tamarind, bagoong, kaing and ookan.