About LOBO


  •      LOBO, a Third Class municipality in the Province of Batangas lies at the southwestern coast of the province. Its boundaries are Batangas City on the West, the municipalities of Taysan and Rosario on the North, San Juan on the East and the Verde Island Passage on the South.  The national highway passes through, connecting Lobo with Batangas City, which is 36 kilometers away. It is commutable by private vehicles within 45 minutes and by commercial vehicles within an hour.
  •      Lobo is composed of 26 barangays, 9 of which are coastal, ten are hilly and mountainous and the rests are built-up.
  • The municipality has a total population of 38,908 of which 13,427 belong to urban area and 25,481 belong to rural area.
  • The economic activities of Lobo include agriculture, trade, manufacturing and commerce. These are the prime movers for the socio-economic mobility of the municipality.